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2016 New Business – A Look Back & A Look Ahead

January was just a warm up. February is where my new year is really going to start in 2016.

First of all, thank you all for reading and following along. As I look back on that original blog post in 2013, it feels like I’ve done and experienced more in the past two years than in the five years prior.

So thanks for caring as I move around the country, travel, drink wine, bake yummy treats, sell wedding dresses, volunteer and generally explore my surroundings! I’ve appreciated all of the encouragement and comments!

As you know, we recently moved to New York City. I left The Brides Project sadly but have been able to take time to consider all the outlets that bring me joy and figure out how to incorporate them into my life.

My dream job would be to work on food TV, and I’m looking around and applying to various posts on Food Network, etc., but in lieu of finding that dream job on Day 1, I’ve compiled some other activities to keep me on my toes.

I definitely feel like when it rains it pours and somehow I went from zero commitments to filling my schedule with piecemeal projects! Here’s a rundown of how my 2016 is shaping up.

  1. Monday I started a job working the counter at Levain Bakery ~ a women-owned bakery known for their ginormous gooey cookies and freshly made bread. I’ll be working part-time in their Upper West Side and Harlem locations so if you’re in town, come say hi! I’m excited to get some food service experience under my belt (it’s been so long since I waitressed) and hopefully there’ll be opportunity to bake and learn the back office/management side of things as well. I think my Brides Project experience will be quite useful.
  2. Also Monday, I officially became a Contributor to World Tourists Magazine – a travel blog that grew out of a crowd-sourced Instagram account with over 14 THOUSAND followers! What a great way to continue writing and sharing fun tips and travelogues with new friends. The gentlemen that put it all together is in Portugal and he’s gathered bloggers from all over the world to write. [Link to come as the site is still being tested.]
  3. As some of you know, I’ve drawn and painted my whole life, but it was always just a hobby. Thanks to the wonderfully supportive women at The Rising Tide Society’s NYC group, I’m going to have three paintings at a collective gallery exhibit in Brooklyn on Feb 12. If you’re in town, join us at 7pm at Rabbithole Projects in DUMBO.
  4. This has lead me to consider wrapping up all my various interests into a new website, which, with the help of many friends, will hopefully be up and running soon. I’m going to rebrand and launch the site as a place to find this blog, recipes, buy my art and find links to pieces I’ve written for other sites.

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff. It all still seems rather out there in the ether but I hope to make some concrete progress over the next weeks and months and hope you’ll continue to join me on the new site!

Happy 2016!

Homemade Limoncello

Ever have an after-dinner sour limoncello at a fancy Italian restaurant and wonder what it really is and how to recreate the delicious drink at home?

Well it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 (plus some waiting time) to make this digestif (after-dinner beverage thought to aid digestion)! This limoncello recipe is from the delightful Karla Vasquez at PK Custom Designs. Karla and I met through The Rising Tide Society – a worldwide network of creatives and small business owners that was established by my amazing wedding photographers Natalie Franke and Krista Jones in order to foster community and support.

It’s been so fun to connect and meet new friends through this group! So when Karla said that she makes homemade limoncello (lemon-infused vodka essentially), I knew I wanted to try out her recipe.

On top of that, she creates custom labels – for her limoncello, for wine bottles, beer bottles, candles, etc. – that are perfect for unique wedding favors or for those that create a product in need of a label! Check out all that she does here.

Below is her recipe and her gorgeous photos (apologies that they had to be compressed to fit here). I’m going to make my own batch this week, so check back to see how it turned out! (And if you’re in NYC, look out for a Limoncello Party invitation soon!)

10 lemons (organic, washed and dried)
1 750-ml bottle of vodka (100-proof preferred)
1 to 4 cups of sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

To Make:
1. Peel the lemons with a vegetable peeler, trying not to scrape the pith (the white fleshy part underneath the peel).
2. Place the peels in a 1 quart jar and fill the jar with vodka. Screw the lid on tight.
3. Store the jar in a cool, dry place for a minimum of 4 days and as long as a month. The longer stored, the more lemon-flavor will be infused.
4. After the vodka has had time to infuse, line a strainer with a large coffee filter and set it over a 4 cup measuring cup. Strain the vodka through the filter.
5. Bring 1 cup of water to a simmer, add 1 cup of sugar and stir to dissolve. Allow the simple syrup to cool. [Side note: If you like your beverages sweeter, make more simple syrup using the 1 to 1 water to sugar ratio.]
6. Stir the syrup into the vodka and taste. Add more sugar if desired.
7. Fill bottles using a funnel and add a pretty custom label.
8. Store the bottles in a cool, dry place and chill in the freezer or refrigerator for at least 4 hours before drinking.

zest lemon
Step 1: Zest Lemon

lemon peels

add vodka
Step 2: Place in jar and add a bottle of vodka
lemon peels in vodka
Step 3: Wait
finished limoncello
Step 4: Bottle your homemade limoncello (after adding sugar syrup to taste)