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Pizza Night in Ann Arbor Part II: Bella Italia

After our pizza bust at Tony Sacco’s (which you can read about here), we ventured across the street to another strip mall, which houses Bella Italia Pizza and Pasta.  Mark had heard about Bella Italia from his coworkers, who recommended the New York style pizza joint that also sells pizza by the slice (always a good sign).

We got two slices of pepperoni that looked like good NY-style za, however it also looked like it had been sitting out for quite a while.  I don’t know for sure, but perhaps this place is more of a lunch establishment – they did look like they were cleaning up and shutting down shortly when we arrived around 8:30.

I, being full from dinner #1, didn’t partake in the Bella Italia slices, but Mark seemed to enjoy them.  I’ll have to pop over one day while running errands to try it for myself.

Narrowly tucked into the strip mall, Bella Italia reminded me of a old-school cozy pizza parlor.  Long counter to one side with pies lined up in the case to be reheated in the giant steel pizza oven for sale at the register.  The other side lined with sticky-plastic booths with framed pictures of Italy on the walls.  The front windows were fogged up from the pizza steam.

Bella Italia is known for its pizza challenge: 30 inch pizza, 3 people, 30 minutes.  If the eaters succeed, the pizza is free.  They keep a tally on the chalkboard behind the register.  So far only one team has completed the challenge in 2014 (as of a few weeks ago).  I believe there were three or four teams in the loser column.  You have to call ahead to arrange the challenge, so they can make the pizza specially.  Assuming the pizza is delicious, let me know if you want to form a team.  I’m definitely good for at least a third.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pics of those pepperoni slices, so you’ll have to take my word for it that they looked like normal New York slices.

Somehow between Tony Sacco’s and Bella Italia our pizza craving was unsatisfied.  Coming next: NYPD (New York Pizza Depot)