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matzah pizza!

Hannah’s Passover Staple: Matzah Pizza!

Even though this week is Passover and so bread and leavened products are off the menu, doesn’t mean that I have to miss my weekly pizza fix! The solution is easy: matzah pizza!

And, as you might expect, this is a super duper easy recipe for a delicious pizza treat.

Step 1: Choose your matzah. I would suggest whole wheat or regular as egg matzah can sometimes be sweet or slightly soft.

Step 2: Place your matzah on a sheet of tinfoil.

Step 3: Choose your pizza sauce, which can be either canned pizza sauce or jarred pasta sauce. Or even better, make your own homemade sauce by mixing canned crushed tomatoes with a smidge of olive oil and whatever herbs you like (oregano and garlic for instance) and then throwing all that in the blender. For tonight’s dinner, I used straight roasted crushed tomatoes from the can.

Step 4: Don’t use too much sauce! A light spread is all that is needed, otherwise the matzah will get soggy and break. On the other hand, make sure all the matzah holes are covered with at least a little sauce (otherwise the cheese will melt through the holes and stick to the tin foil which becomes a total mess).

matzah with sauce
matzah with sauce

Step 5: Sprinkle the sauce with toppings – whether that be garlic, oregano and crushed red pepper only, or also chopped mushrooms, other veggies or pepperoni.

Step 6: Cover the top of the matzah pizzas with shredded mozzarella. Again, don’t use too much because it will weigh down and break the matzah.

Step 7: Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted to your preferred doneness.

Step 8: Throw on some more crushed red pepper for extra spice and eat up!!!

matzah pizza!
matzah pizza!

Anyone have any other non-traditional Passover food traditions?