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More on Embarrassing My Sister From Afar and I Hate This Computer

Sitting in JFK airing out my (clean) laundry, I knew my sister would cringe if she saw what I was doing.  So naturally I sent her a picture text.

1 jfkOne word back: “Yikes”.

My sister lives in Texas but that doesn’t prevent her from eye rolling and sighing when she finds out what I’m doing up here in Michigan.  Mainly these things revolve around being technologically inept – like not downloading updates for my cell phone – or not wanting to spend money on everyday items – like still using a hairbrush whose rubber face is only partially still attached to the handle.  It works fine thanks.  And nice brushes are unexpectedly expensive.  I guess this second example also falls into the category of me being cheap – like reading books over multiple visits to Barnes & Noble without buying them.  I’m sensing the eye roll.

Sometimes even I get exasperated though about all the run-down things I insist on keeping and using.  And here’s where we come to the point of saying I really really really hate this computer.  It is a MacBook from about 2007, which, to my mind, should be plenty new enough and work just fine.  But it doesn’t.  It freezes on a daily basis.  I can type in a URL, walk away, do a load of laundry, and maybe it will be loaded by the time I get back.  It can’t open docx or xlsx files because Office isn’t up to date.  It must be plugged in at all times.  All of this I can deal with, work around, and have been doing so for many months.

Which isn’t to say it’s been pretty.  Mark routinely tells me to get a new computer when yelps of frustration, constant whining and pretend crying issue forth from my mouth as I’m trying to update a spreadsheet in a timely fashion (aka in fewer than 2 hours please).

I tried to get it fixed, to make it run faster.  Really I tried.

I took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and said, “Fix it!”  No, just kidding, I said, I need you to check this for viruses and install an updated operating system so this computer runs faster, as well as some anti-virus software.  Also, I said, since I’ve updated the operating system on my iPhone (THANKS SIS) it no longer syncs with my computer and I can’t get my pictures off the phone.  They said sure.

No viruses, BUT then they tell me they don’t sell that particular Mac OS at Best Buy.  So I took the computer, went to the Apple store.  They said they don’t sell it there either!! WTF.  BUT you can buy it online and wait with the computer in the store while the new OS downloads.  And who knows how long that will take.  No thanks.  I ordered it online, got the disk in the mail, and took everything back to Best Buy.

So great – new OS installed.  Problem: iPhoto has somehow been deleted from the computer.  Apparently now it is a pay app.  I could call up Apple and tell them that I used to have it but it got wiped so I should get to download it for free again.  But no, I’m clearly not going to waste my time doing that.  UGH.  Oh, and also, this anti-virus software is too new to be installed on this computer.  Oh, and also, your battery is somehow bulging so that it doesn’t sit flush and that’s why the computer has to be plugged in.  But fundamentally, the battery is fine.  In fact, it’s all charged up!

I’m living with using Preview to download my pics.  I just have to try to edit them all on the phone before downloading them (this really only means cropping as I don’t actually have any photoshopping apps on my phone).  I’m living with the still-slow-despire-the-new-OS internet and file opening.  I’m looking at docx and xlsx files on my phone.

But now.  Now the battery is literally popping out of the bottom of the computer.  A slight bulge somehow expanded such that the computer no longer even sits flush on the table.  I have an impending sense of doom that the computer will just give up the will to work at all, and I’ll have lost everything on the hard drive.  I’m backing up constantly.  (Okay that’s a lie; I hate backing up, it’s so tiresome.  But I have done it once.  Oh but I had to do it on a zip drive since the external hard-drive we bought is not compatible with this old-a** computer.)

I guess the time has come.  I MUST get a new computer.  I literally cannot function in life.  I need a PC, forget this Mac nonsense.  One with new versions of Microsoft Office and good photo software.  I do NOT want a touch screen because that is just one more thing to break immediately.  I’m thinking one of those mini HPs that you can kind of throw in your purse but also use for spreadsheets and such.

Any other suggestions?  I do have a 10% off coupon from Best Buy.  Cue eye roll.