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Wine Wednesday and Halloween Crafts

I’m getting ready to embark on some Crest White Strips. ¬†I’m prepping to forgo coffee and red wine for the foreseeable future ūüė¶

So¬†I figured this week I need to drink some red wine and tons of coffee to hold me over. I opened this 2009 Groth Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville CA that Mark had received as a present at some point along the way. ¬†I used an aerator since I was only having one glass and didn’t want to pour the whole bottle into the decanter (and have learned my lesson about not doing either).

grothAt first I tasted blackberries, and then it turned to leather and tobacco. ¬†The first glass was delicious. ¬†I decanted the rest of the bottle the next night and had a second glass that didn’t seem as subtly wonderful as the first. ¬†The tannins were kind of overwhelming and it had a super dry finish. ¬†Letting it decant for another night, on the third try I found it a bit more relaxed – definitely more fruity and less leathery. ¬†Too bad; I kinda like that smoked vibe. ¬†It’s somehow thinner, but still dry. ¬†I think it has a pretty hefty 14+% alcohol content.

As you know, I like to check my flavor profiles against what the producer/others have said. ¬†While I didn’t really see any mentions of leather or tobacco, many people did note the dryness and tannins, as well as the blackberry fruit. ¬†Maybe I’m equating the tannins with tobacco and the way a cigarette smells – dry and bitter. ¬†A lot of people noted that this wine could use more aging and I’d agree with that assessment.

Some other fall treats? Pumpkins of course! Trying to be slightly different than my go-to jack-o-lantern carvings, I decided to play around with some old lace off of some of The Brides Project’s “fabric dresses” – dresses that are either outdated or in poor condition that we sell super cheaply to people who just want the fabric, trimmings or perhaps a Halloween costume?!?!

First I tried to tape some of the lace down in a pattern over one pumpkin and use acrylic paint over top so that when I pulled the lace away, there would be a pretty pattern. ¬†Well that didn’t work. ¬†The paint just got all smooshed around under the lace. ¬†So I decided to paint the whole pumpkin white instead. ¬†It’s a ghost pumpkin okay?!?!

ghost pumpkin 2 ghost pumpkin

For the second pumpkin, I stole an idea from a fellow Brides Project volunteer and wrapped the lace round and around the pumpkin for a “mummy” effect. She had creepy googly eyes that she pasted on peeping out from the “bandages” that looked cool. I did not have googly eyes, so I made a cute little bow on top instead.

mummy pumpkin

Finally, I’ve been trying to hold off on fall baking so as not to go cookie crazy before the wedding, but I had some extra bananas laying around, so I made these oatmeal, banana, chocolate chip cookies.

cookiesWell they’re more like dense oatmeal bars. ¬†Literally the only ingredients are equal parts mashed banana and pulverized oatmeal, 1/2 cup of chocolate chip cookies and a dash of vanilla extract (that could definitely be skipped). ¬†Since there’s not really added sugar besides the chocolate, I feel completely comfortable eating these for breakfast with my coffee. ¬†I mean, no more coffee…darn it!! ¬†Maybe I’ll start the White Strips in a few weeks instead….