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Big News!

You probably already know…WE’VE MOVED!

Next Stop: NYC!

We’re currently in the throes of moving from Ann Arbor to NYC. Talk about a 180 degree difference. We’re going from small town America, seeking out the [one] best bar, Chinese food, nail place and dry cleaner to frequent…And coming to a massive city where there’s a million of everything at your doorstep. Exciting! [Overwhelming]

Look at that haze!


And even though I’ve never actually lived in New York City before, it seems incredibly familiar – like a home away from home. My grandmother lived here, and so we were up here almost every month visiting. My aunt, uncle, cousins, college friends, childhood friends and work friends from prior jobs all live here too.

So many people hustling in Rockefeller Center while I was just trying to walk. Instead I took this blurry photo of the tree:


When we moved to Ann Arbor, we didn’t know anyone. We made friends and settled into our routine and it was lovely. But now there’s something to being close to family and friends you’ve known forever.

So we’re here! New apartment, new life! Next up: new job [TBD]

Cozy apartment (emphasis on cozy):


I’m ready to explore it all! So send your restaurant, museum, shopping, site-seeing, JOB suggestions along because I know you have them 🙂

IMG_0247LOVE the holiday-festooned buildings!