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Trying to Unpack at Least 5 Years’ Worth of Stuff

Trying to Unpack at Least 5 Years' Worth of Stuff

Kitchen before…..I thought I had done a pretty good job of going through things prior to the move, but apparently not as I found carry-out chopsticks, ketchup packets and a Blackberry charger (neither of us have bberries anymore)…a few boxes down, lots to go!


Kitchen after…Bought pizza and soda for lunch for us and the movers…and then proceeded to have that for dinner too.  Jet’s Pizza – sort of like Domino’s.  No flavor when eaten cold.  Will be a good late night option for those moments when you have to have some sort of pizza delivered at 1am….if they’re open until 1am.

before living

Living room before…Sad side note: the fireplace actually does not work.  Well it works, but the owner found out that it was leaking off unacceptably high levels of carbon monoxide and had to have it decommissioned.  I guess that’s the smart move here.  I will also be purchasing a carbon monoxide detector immediately.



Living room after….aka disaster zone.  Does anyone know if there is fabric disinfectant?  Not just Febreeze but like Lysol for couches, mattresses, etc?

b4 porchPorch before

new porch

Porch after….note the cute ceramic elephant in the corner that will be good for plants/drinks/candles….courtesy of Stella Maris – thank you!!!