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Ann Arbor Pizza Review: Domino’s

Am I really writing a pizza review about Domino’s?  Well yes, yes I am.  Did you know that Domino’s is headquartered in Ann Arbor and the first store was down the road in Ypsilanti?  Now it makes more sense.

I hadn’t had Domino’s in a few years but always enjoyed their thin and crispy crust while in college, so when fellow Ann Arbor food blogger The Food and Wine Hedonist told me that it was probably his family’s favorite pizza, I figured I should give it another try.


Last week I ordered a thin and crispy with banana peppers and a “Brooklyn-style” with pepperoni.  Both were pretty good, but I definitely enjoyed the Brooklyn-style crust more.  This more “traditional” NY crust was introduced by Domino’s in 2006, and they tout it as “large and foldable.”  Obviously this speaks to me.


The thin and crispy was good too, but I did find the super smooth crust bottom a bit disconcerting….a slick bread product doesn’t seem like the correct texture for pizza.  Maybe if they had roughed up the bottom somehow.


As I had been told, one of the best parts of the Domino’s experience is their online ordering feature.  It was a super simple process of customization and couponing, and once you’ve hit submit, a cartoon pizza maker rings the cash register and starts prepping your pizza.  A real-time index shows you where in the pizza-making process your pie is, and it tells you the name of the person doing the work.  For instance: “Jim is now putting your pizza in the oven.”  “Your pizza is now cooking.”  “Tom is now in the car delivering your pizza.”  And then the doorbell rings.  It’s Tom with our pizza!  Fantastic!  It’s all a bit cheesy (no pun intended) but fun and makes the time fly by as you check in to see pizza-status updates.



All in all, I quite enjoyed my hometown Domino’s experience and would definitely get the Brooklyn-style crust again.