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DC Pizza Review: Avocado Cafe

DC Pizza Review: Avocado Cafe

People familiar with DC have probably had one or more experiences with Jumbo Slice: the bigger-than-yo’-face, never-eaten-it-before-2am pizza sold by the slice. It is delicious. Or at least in the moment it is the best thing you’ve ever tasted. I don’t know how it tastes during daylight hours, nor how they make the slices so large – they must cook each slice individually because otherwise that would amount to a 3 to 4 foot pizza pie! Maybe they have crazy big ovens.

Well, anyway, aside from Jumbo Slice, I really don’t have a feel for the DC pizza scene.

A few weeks ago, however, I was in our Nation’s Capital for a friend’s baby shower, which was really just an excuse for an excellent cocktail party. As the evening was winding down, pizza was ordered. Obviously I was ecstatic.

The delivery came from Avocado Cafe in Georgetown. The New York style pizza was a welcome change from the cardboardish crusts I’ve been experiencing in the Midwest. This had a wonderfully foldable chewy crust – yay! Gooey cheese (but not too overwhelming) and pepperoni that were cooked to crisp edges but still flexible (and allowed for those little oil pools to form in the middle).

Was it the best pizza I’ve ever had? No. Was it SUPER greasy? Yes….but it’s the grease that makes it good! I really don’t mind when oil drips out onto your hand from the back of the fold…that’s what a preemptive napkin blot is for. Get over it. Did it hit the spot? Absolutely: a little bit salty, a little bit tomato-y, a lot yummy.

Verdict: I would try it again in the daylight hours. The Yelp reviews of the restaurant were a mixed bag, but a lot of them were down on the service and eat-in atmosphere, so I can look past those. Looking at this picture again, I’m wanting to hunt down a good by-the-slice for lunch!