About Hannah

Hi there!

I’m Hannah: a writer, baker, banker, yoga teacher, fundraiser, painter, traveler, eater, self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, wife, wannabe mom…all at some point – past, present or future.

I feel like a Jill of All Trades. I know there are other young women (are 30-somethings still “young women”?!?! I’m going to say yes) out there who have moved, gone through career changes, become mothers, and are still be trying to figure out their next moves in life ~ just like me. That’s why the name TBD (to be determined) resonates.

Since there’ so much to discuss, this blog in particular will be about experiencing the beauty and joy flowing through life. Travel, food, art & architecture, and how I’m baking my way through Martha Stewart’s baking cookbook and making my way in the world one way or another. And hopefully you can take something away from this for yourself. Because we’re all just trying to love, be happy, give back, and make a good life for ourselves, right?

I feel happiest when I’m doing something for others ~ volunteering, mentoring or working for mission-driven organizations, especially around health and women’s empowerment.

My overarching goal: Support and inspire through knowledge, volunteerism and beauty.

Other goals: improve my photography (iPhone or otherwise), launch a social enterprise that gives back to those in need (more on that later), write for publications I admire in addition to this blog, be on The Chew (it looks so fun!)

Ack that sounds like a lot. Let’s go!



For lots more pics, follow me on Instagram @nextstoptbd

15 thoughts on “About Hannah

  1. Hi Hannah – I’m a fellow Michigan bride-to-be and am excited to see your wedding planning adventures! Loving the destination wedding, all the pics of the tropics look really incredible. Congrats! When is the big day?


      1. We’ll be at Music Hall in downtown Detroit next May. So excited, the space is really nice in the theater and on the rooftop (ceremony and reception, respectively). It’s going to be so magical. I’m sure every bride feels that way lol. You can read about our planning too on my own blog if you’re interested!
        Happy Planning!


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