Pizaro’s Pizza: Houston TX

A few weeks ago, my mom, aunt and I went to visit my sister in Houston to work on some of her wedding to-dos (um, yes, cake tasting).  Craving some pizza (obviously), I searched online for Houston’s best pizza, and while many came up, we chose Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana (http://www.pizarospizza.com/), for the sheet fact that we would be driving out towards the burbs rather than into the city on a Saturday night.

It’s a wood-fired brick oven fast casual concept, where you stand in line to order, pay and take a number. And very quickly afterwards (the pizzas only take 90 seconds to cook in a 900 degree oven), your piping hot pizza arrives at the table!  BYOB.

photo 1 The oven is that mosaic dome in the back. It was made in Naples and shipped to the US, according to their website. The guy up front is making dough.

photo 2The interior – not anything spesh, very crowded, very kid friendly.

photo 3

photo 1The dough rounds being prepped for pizza!

Okay, let’s start with the negatives.  It was crowded (a given on a Saturday night in the city that is known for eating out). It was cold – since we couldn’t be picky about where we sat, we grabbed the only available table, which happened to be right underneath a very blowy AC unit. Brr. We scarfed that pizza down – it was cold by the last slice.

The good news: the pizza was really tasty!! Crust that wasn’t soggy and not burnt either – perfect chew, with a few good dough bubbles. (My sister claims I always wanted the slices with the bubbles growing up, but that was actually she.) Fresh ingredients, and the perfect size for a personal pizza.  My sister and I split a classic cheese (always a good baseline) and an arugula and parmesan white pizza.  Both were delish and we demolished most of them before my mom and aunt’s pizza even came out to the table.

photo 3 photo 2The cheese pizza was really more of a Margherita minus the basil.  I was a bit put off by seeing the chef squeeze oozy mozzarella out of what looked to be a giant pastry tube, but it did seem to be quite fresh and milky and tasted like homemade mozzarella. Definitely different than the dry pre-shredded part-skim bagged mozz I get at the store.

All in all, a good choice; I would do carry-out next time though to avoid the shiver.

2 thoughts on “Pizaro’s Pizza: Houston TX

  1. On the subject of Za….Not a decent slice to be had in Ethiopia, although many places did fine spaghetti bolognese. Think there is a dearth of fine cheese. Djibouti, the smallest country in Africa, has a very tasty pizzeria in Djibouti City. The place is call Pizzaola and is frequented by the many, many young, military men and women of the French, American and NATO forces stationed in Djibouti in the fight against the Somali pirates and to keep a spy’s eye on the activities of al-Shabab, the terrorist radicals in Somalia. Back on point, the Za was available in many styles and combos. I went, twice, for the “mozzarella atomique”. Crust was firm with a little snap to go with the chew. Toppings included the mozzarella, jambon (a smokey ham) and champignons (mushrooms) and a tangy tomato sauce. Oh yes, French is the official language of this former French colony. Washed it all down with a Tusker, popular Kenyan beer brand. Djibouti being a Moslem country, they do not have their own brewery. So, when in Djibouti City, check out Pizzaola, you will not be disappointed.


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