ARGH! Zip Car Drivers!

I love the idea of Zip Cars – rent a car just for the few hours that you need it to get from point A to point B; pick up and drop off where’s convenient for you.  Totally get it.  Makes sense if you’re in a city and don’t want to own a car.

Here’s the problem: When someone doesn’t own a car because they don’t know how to drive/rarely ever drive/don’t like driving.  I’m sure there are plenty of licensed, well-trained drivers out there who don’t have the need to own a vehicle and prefer to rent from time to time for shopping or errands.

BUT…There seem to be a LOT of Zip Car renters here who are afraid of driving/don’t know how to drive/don’t know the very specific rules of the Ann Arbor driving scene/don’t even have a license.  Well this last one might not be true because I HOPE Zip Car makes you prove you have a license to rent one of their cars.  But I honestly can’t be sure.

If you see a Zip Car cruising (likely super slowly) down the road STEER CLEAR.  Like literally pull over to the side of the road and wait 15 minutes.  You’ll probably catch up with them at the next light.

The second option is to hit the gas hard and scoot by, but you’ll likely end up being side-swiped in slow motion as they gingerly try to “merge” into your lane (read: don’t check the mirrors and just aimlessly drift all over the place).  This is not Seinfeld.  These lanes are NOT “so luxurious” – they are normally spaced.  Stay in yours.

Sorry Michiganders, I find that you are generally terrible drivers, and having Zip Cars at the disposal of the least practiced of you seems dangerous.  So if you’re one of those people renting Zip Cars who has only ever driven like three times in life, please do me a favor and get an Uber instead.

Thanks.   Sincerely, All Other Drivers

7 thoughts on “ARGH! Zip Car Drivers!

  1. I had a good friend in law school from Ohio and we agreed that Michigan drivers are actually pretty decent as long as they are driving among their own kind. We drive way too fast and don’t use our turn signals, and will straight up cut people off if this is our exit and we need to get off the expressway. As long as everyone understands that those are the rules, we’re fine. Doesn’t sound like the ZipCar drivers know the rules, especially in Ann Arbor, which has its own complicated set (I lived there for years and refused to drive during rush hour on main roads if at all avoidable because it is such a mess).


    1. OMG the cutting off!!!!! Yes, I suppose if you are used to all of the “quirks” then it doesn’t seem so bad. Although, I literally (like 2 minutes ago) just saw someone make a left turn on a red light; not for the first time. Completely stopped at the light, and then just decided to turn. Not onto a one way road or anything, just cutting through on-coming traffic. Is this normal?


      1. Were they in the intersection before they turned? Because that’s normal. And sometimes that happens on Main because those lights are so awful for left turners. But unless they were in the intersection beforehand, no, that’s not a thing (when I lived in Alabama, no one did the proceed-into-intersection, then-make-left-turn thing, so it’s apparently not a normal thing like I thought it was)


      2. Haha nope. They had been stopped at the light for a good minute or two and then i guess they got bored. We do the pull into the intersection and turn left when the light turns red on the east coast too


  2. Drivers in Maryland tend to not signal. I can tell if a driver is from out of state if they signal to make a turn. On Long Island and in Boston they cut you off but they usually signal albeit at the last second! MB


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