I Swear I’m Not a Blog Slacker! (Read about this wine tasting instead…)

I’m really not trying to be MIA on the blog, but I was in PARIS last week – yippeeeee!!!  It was so much fun, it will definitely have to take up one or more posts in the coming weeks.  The more pertinent problem is that when I updated my iPhone operating system to 7, it was no longer compatible with this old MacBook I’m rocking.  Which meant that I am either emailing myself photos off the phone, or downloading them to our PC, putting them on a zip drive and then downloading them onto the Mac.  Which makes me feel overwhelmed, and then I procrastinate.  Ugh.

But not to fear, I have an appointment with the Geek Squad at Best Buy tomorrow to update this Mac’s operating system, mainly so I can easily download my phone pics once again.  So today will be spent backing up…fun times 🙂

To entertain you until I can find time to download the mass quantities of photos from the trip (and some other local outings), please go over to my friend TheWineGetter’s blog to read about a wine tasting he held that I attended a few weeks ago.  We sipped Chardonnays, Gewuerztraminers and Rieslings from the Finger Lakes region of NY.  TheWineGetter is often invited to participate in these Twitter wine tastings, and so in doing, various wineries or marketing regions (as in the case of the Finger Lakes) ask him to taste a bunch of wines so that he can comment during the live online chat.


Some friends gathered at his apartment with cheese, meats and breads to sit around and discuss wine prior to 9, when he had to jump onto Twitter to chat.  He hasn’t (yet?) posted his thoughts on the wines, but he did post some pre-tasting interesting info on the Finger Lakes region, etc.

The wines were all quite unique, and I had a blast sharing ideas with people who have a keen appreciation for wine and its subtleties – I really learned a lot – which you know I always appreciate!

Okay, so apologies for not a lot a personal content….but off to TheWineGetter!

2 thoughts on “I Swear I’m Not a Blog Slacker! (Read about this wine tasting instead…)

  1. I imagine that your trip to Paris should offer up several fine postings in the days to come, not to mention an article or two about a wine evening with Oliver and Nina, they are such a charming couple. Looking forward to several new postings and welcome back to reality.


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