A Second Engagement!!!

Congratulations to my amazing sister and her long-time boyfriend who just got engaged!!!

I’m so excited that we’re both in the fiance-stage together.  We can conspire and plan and laugh and read wedding mags.  We can do all sorts of stereotypical weddingy things and be super annoying to everyone with constant wedding talk.  Excellent!

Maybe we can even have a double wedding?!?!?

Just kidding.  That would be weird.

Here’s a pic of the lovebirds from our Texas vacation in January:


This ring (which was our grandmother Honey’s) looks amazing all polished up and fitted!

ring pic

I can’t believe she didn’t see it coming.  Her fiance called me back in December to conspire about getting to Baltimore to ask our parents’ permission formally and to discuss when he was going to pop the question.  Good thing our parents were on vacation for much of January so that they didn’t have to keep the secret in frequent phone conversations.

I felt like I was giving it away left right and center.  When we went to the bridal expo in January, I signed us both up as brides saying we could both get the bride-swag (which was disappointingly none).  When we were out at dinner, I mentioned that I had recently watched our grandparents’ wedding video, and when my sister asked why she’d never seen it, I said, Are you sure? I know your boyfriend’s seen it.  He gave me the death stare across the table, knowing that he had seen it when he made the secret trip to Baltimore to speak with our parents.  Oops I had forgotten those circumstances.  We quickly covered it up by saying that we were mistaken, that it was actually her Bat Mitzvah video he had seen.  She got up to use the restroom and he just about strangled me (good-naturedly of course…I hope).  When she got back, I think it was forgotten.

I was also suspicious that she may have been anticipating the proposal because it seemed like she was getting her nails done an awful lot recently.  Maybe that’s typical and I just don’t know.  Or maybe she was sprucing them up to gear up for showing off her hand constantly.  😉  No, it does sound like she didn’t see it coming, at least not in the moment, so that’s super cute and exciting.


I’m so so so so happy for her, I can’t stop grinning 😀


4 thoughts on “A Second Engagement!!!

  1. Here is some preliminary research on the engagement ring noted in the posting. This ring was my Mother’s engagement ring (your Grandmother). She wore it all the time. Your Grandparents were married in 1942. According to a jeweler, the stone is an example of a hand cut “Old European Cut” stone. My research indicates that this particular cut of stone was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These were hand cut stones. Electric powered diamond cutting machines were first introduced about 1900 and by 1910 hand cutting became a vanished art. In 1919 a mathematician calculated the ideal number of facets (58) to create a “brilliant round cut” stone to maximize “sparkle” which is basically light reflection. This is now the modern “standard” cut (cut is not the same thing as shape). Prior to 1919, hand cut diamonds had 32 or fewer facets and the stones were deeper which caused relatively less light reflection,hence not as “brilliant”. A hand cut stone typically used 80% of the rough crystal, whereas machine cut stones of the modern cut use less than 50% of the rough crystal.
    Thus said, it appears that the stone in question was certainly cut prior to 1919 and likely pre-1910. Since there is no evidence (hearsay or otherwise) to indicate that the stone (ring) was a family heirloom, I suspect that the ring was purchased from pawn (which was commonplace) or, less likely, from estate jewelry. Anyone with additional info, please step up. No matter, the ring looks fab. Knowing it was Honey’s adds great sentiment. I know she is very proud to have it passed along to her granddaughter. This history/mystery of the stone just adds some icing to the cake.


  2. We are so excited to have 2 engaged wonderful daughters who are happy for each other. We all can’t stop grinning either…. Love is in the air and tomorrow is Valentine’s day!! Mamma bear betsy


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