Flip Phone Waves Bye-Bye


Change is hard.  It’s scary going from the comfortable and familiar to the unknown.  I didn’t realize that getting rid of my flip phone and moving into the modern era would be this difficult.  Sweat-inducing second-guessing anxiety.

I’m excited for the benefits of a data-driven phone.  On-the-go email and facebook access not chaining me down at home.  One push typing, rather than clicking the “5” button three times to get to “L” (so don’t be alarmed if you get texts from me that say “hheeyyy” – that’s just how I’m used to typing).

But it’s hard letting go of this mode of communication that I’ve known for so long.  And the flip phone does have its moments: the compact size that fits into teeny tiny clutches and pockets; the impossibility of pocket dialing; the….the….okay those are the only benefits of the flip phone I can think of at the moment.

My head is telling me I’m an idiot for being so attached to this device, but for some reason this has been the hardest change so far.  No biggie committing my life to one person, moving halfway across the county, quitting my job…but changing phones?  That’s asking too much.  The heart wants what the heart wants, and my heartstrings are pulled by this silly little black Samsung mobile.

And not only am I moving into the digital age with a smart phone (I don’t count work Blackberries where texting, BBM and the camera are all disabled as “smart”), I’m also switching from Verizon to an ATT&T Family Plan.  I’m so grown up, obvi, what with a “family plan” and all, but I’ve had Verizon forever and it hasn’t failed me yet.  Tear.  Bye-bye Verizon…I cannot hear you now.

Now the next step is figuring out what phone to get.  iPhone?  4S or 5?  Samsung Galaxy?  Some sort of LG or Nokia?  So many choices!  I need to do tons of research, but I know I want a good camera and the ability to dock it into a speaker station to listen while I’m cooking…unfortunately I think those things will be easy to come by, thereby not making the decision any easier.  Mark has an iPhone, so does it matter if I get some other kind?  Would it be better if we were on the same system?  Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all.  Advice please!

Lastly, we can either keep his unlimited data and share 700 monthly minutes, or get 4G of data and have unlimited talk minutes.  I can’t figure out which might be better, since I’ve been going over my 450 monthly minutes these days, but I just attribute that to the fact that I’ve been talking to Mark every night for a long time, and once we are in the same city, we certainly won’t be having hour-long phone chats.  So maybe 700 minutes would be fine.  But then I think, well the rest of my family is on Verizon so when I speak to them (which I’m sure will be often and for long lengths of time) that will eat away quickly at the talk minutes.  Decisions, decisions.  I’ll let you know when it’s BD.

9 thoughts on “Flip Phone Waves Bye-Bye

  1. Get the same phone as Mark. SOO annoying to have to bring 2 chargers on trips, in the car, 2 docking stations, etc. Get the mega minutes. You’re going to be calling fam, wedding peeps, and job prospects. You don’t want to be worrying whether you’re over. See? So easy! 🙂


    1. But I’m not sure it’s worth giving up the unlimited data! I don’t think we can get that back once we give it up, since he was grandfathered in under that plan……I’m leaning toward the 700 minutes and if I start going over, then I think we can switch at a later date. Will have to double and triple check that.
      Good point on the chargers!! I like it.


  2. grandfathered in is hard to give up…keep it, it probably will save you a bundle which will go a long way to paying overage charges in the other areas.
    We definitely try to stay to the same type of phone – Galaxy Androids right now – in order to share car chargers, etc.
    And we’ve been a Verizon family with several family members on Verizon, and also a Verizon bundle at home with FIOS, computer, etc.
    But to us, the most important is simplifying chargers to carry around.



  3. This is so ridic. iPhone so we can FaceTime. Many more docking station options, plus seamless iTunes/music integration. Camera on iPhone 5 is tops!! Haven’t used my regular point and shoot camera since I got it. No choice!!


  4. I still miss my first pink pearl Crackberry so I know how you feel!!! I think Mar makes a good point. iPhone is the best for listening to music while cooking, etc and FaceTime while cooking!! OMG… Your next move just might be a MAC laptop!! More decisions:) I love your blogs.
    xo xo


    1. Haha we do have a Mac laptop!! It’s okay but frustrating b/c I’m so used to a PC that I don’t know all the Mac shortcut keys…I may get one of those HP mini laptops for carrying around and doing work


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